Product Features

  • ✔4K ULTRA HD 90°ADJUSTABLE CAMERA (UP and Down) — The F24 Pro is now upgraded to a 4K camera giving you better visuals for pictures and video, allowing you to capture every single detail while you are in flight with no camera vibration.
  • ✔FOLDABLE GPS DRONE — The small, compact, Foldable and extremely portable design allows you to carry our F24 Drone anywhere. The GPS on the drone allows for you to direct its flight at the touch of your smartphone and should the drone lose any signal from you or have a low battery it will automatically fly back into range and you wont lose your drone midflight as a safety precaution.
  • ✔LONG-LIFE BRUSHLESS MOTORS– The advantages of having brushless motors instead of brushed, are high power to weight ratio, high speed, and electronic control. No burn-out due to internal friction and no maintenance required. Besides, the powerful motors allow it to more efficiently maintain stable flight. The quick-release propellers run smoothly and powerfully with high efficiency
  • ✔30 MINUTE FLIGHT TIME –The High-capacity intelligent battery yields up to 30 minute Flying Time. It also has low-power alert. With an 1800 feet Video Transmission Range and a 3600 controller range, you can enjoy longer flight times and more freely upload video and pictures you capture directly to social media from your iphone and ipad using our drone app. With the modular design, it is easy to exchange and safe to charge. Search B07S8F7LCG to add an extra battery to your cart
  • ✔SMART AND POWERFUL PERFORMANCE — Follow Me, Orbit Mode, Guesture Controll and selfie mode free your hands to take ideal selfies, Using Waypoint or TapFly you can fly it in a directed and custom path using up 16 waypoints. The F24-Pro truly makes you have the best flying experience all in 4K, giving you the best video resolution and the best in-flight capabilities you can fly in the sky with confidence knowing the F24-Pro can do it all.

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3 Comments on Contixo F24 Pro RC Quadcopter Drone 4K HD| Gesture, Waypoint, 5GHz WiFi Gimbal FPV Live Video GPS Foldable Drone with Camera for Adults 30 Minutes Flying Time Brushless Motors

  1. Just what I’ve been waiting for. A quality foldable drone with motorized camera! Firstly, I use this drone as an action drone to take fast paced videos of my sports car for my social media channels (YT and IG). I also use it for hiking because it’s super compact and quick to get flying when I want to take some video or pictures of scenery or family.I made the attached F24 “trailer” in a way that reflects how I feel about the Contixo F24 drone. Such as:-The F24 looks and feels like a secret military…

  2. Great features…, overstated advertised flight time (so far), & no spare batteries Arrived in 3 days, fully charged! The instructions are easy to follow. It was flying in beginner mode that day, the controls are very straightforward. Had it out of beginner mode 2nd flight, 3rd flight was successful with way point mode…i still have more to learn but the single battery dies with a full charge between 15-18 minutes. I have only gotten 18 minutes on the first and second flights, 15minutes on the third with a breeze…it seems no one has spare batteries for the f24…for the $,…

  3. This is a video I created from the 4th flight made with my Contixo F24 This is an amazing little drone. So far…I’m very impressed. I’m retired but enjoy video production as a sideline income. I’ve utilized drone video footage and photos in my video productions but have always hired a drone to capture drone footage. This summer…the 4 drone owners I’ve used in the past were not available. Luckily I found a drone owner at the last second and managed to get the needed footage. I did however decide to stop relying…

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