Loved by many kids

Thousands of other families around the globe are already in love with our flying toys for kids. The toys we provide are educational and fun, and we never skimp on safety.

Now kids can enjoy the fun of playing with remote flying helicopter toys, and they can enjoy super cute designs like this flying unicorn!

Additionally, our flying toys are not complicated to play with or to take care of, so you can enjoy them even more!


Easy to Fly

When you receive your mini infrared flying robot unicorn drone in the mail, it will be ready to fly!

The dual helicopter blades on this remote control helicopter are coaxial, meaning that each blade spins in a different direction.

This is important for safety and fun, because this helps to make sure that your drone helicopter stays in the air and remains balanced while flying.


Product Features:

– Quality material (ABS plastic)

– LED lighting

– Charges by USB

– Short charge time (30 minutes)

– Unicorn drone flies 15 feet

– Infrared flight from palm sensing technology

– Balance for flight

– Cute flying unicorn design


How To Use:

  1. Fully charge the battery in USB charging port
  2. Remove USB cable from rechargeable RC helicopter and push the power button
  3. Propellers will begin to spin after a few seconds
  4. Hold your drone helicopter upright and then release from your hand
  5. Use the remote control to fly your unicorn drone


Package Contains:

  • One mini infrared flying robot unicorn drone
  • One USB charging cable
  • One remote control to fly your remote control helicopter


Be sure to purchase your flying unicorn remote control helicopter today so you can enjoy it soon!

Product Features

  • Control By Hand – Our rechargeable RC helicopter is so fun to use! This mini infrared flying robot unicorn drone is easy to operate – and you can even do it by hand! In addition to remote control operation, our flying toys for kids can sense your body heat. Using infrared induction, your flying unicorn will glide through the air!
  • Super Fun Flying Toys for Kids – Remote flying helicopter toys are fun, but a lot of them are the same. With our flying toys for kids, your children will receive a fun toy that is unlike so many others! Our rechargeable RC helicopter is a flying unicorn and it is so much fun to play with!
  • Simple and Fun Toy – Our remote flying helicopter will provide tons of fun for kids ages 10 and up. It is even fun for adults to play with! Once your drone helicopter is fully charged, simply power it on and start to fly. The unicorn drone can fly up to 15 feet, and our flying unicorn remote control helicopter can fly for 5 minutes.
  • Safety Considerations – We have worked to ensure that our flying toys for kids are safe to play with. Our rechargeable RC helicopter unicorn drone can sense surrounding objects, and it will shut off if it hits something. If the propeller of the remote control helicopter gets stuck on something, it will power off for safety.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – This flying unicorn rechargeable RC helicopter is backed by us. We have upgraded it to be stronger, and we made it out of ABS plastic that is durable and survives crashing. A great mini infrared flying robot for kids to start with, you are sure to have so much fun playing with our rechargeable RC helicopter!

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  1. My niece loves it! I bought my niece this unicorn toy for Chrismas because her room is full of horses and ponies so they though a unicorn would be fitting. Not that I have anything against unicorns but I never owned a flying toy before so this was a new thing entirely. Even though it’s not my kinda of toy I gotta say it’s pretty cool.It’s pretty high tech among the things She owns and it’s very entertaining to watch as you try and keep it up. The sensors on the bottom are very cool and it works with other…

  2. like it We wanted to get our daughter something for her birthday and this looked like the perfect gift since she still hasn’t left the pony phase yet.It flys really well and it’s great that we don’t have to worry about it falling and breaking anything. Although it would be better if there were lights that came on while it was flying to add something extra but it’s still lots of fun. The fans are loud which is also a bit of a problem when people are trying to get work done but other than…

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