The LED Scoot Drone is a hands-free auto drone like you’ve never seen before! Can UFOs perform 360° flips? This one can! The trick is simple: Simply place your hands on both sides of this flying ball drone, swipe a hand under it when the lights start blinking rapidly and see the LED Scoot flip 360° in mid-air! What’s more, this hand drone and self flying drone for kids and adults glows ultra-bright with red, blue, and white LEDs all around this flying ball drone’s body. Up for some night drone racing? This LED drone is sure to leave the brightest and most epic light trails in the sky. Super easy to fly, this drone for kids is a fun beginner drone toy that detects and avoids obstacles as it zooms around the room – all thanks to this indoor hand controlled drone’s 360° sensor drone capability. Anyone can fly Scoot – simply toss this hands free drone in the air and it will soar. You can also take this portable drone and flying ball toy drone for teen girls and boys anywhere! This flying drone is constructed with a durable and crash-proof hover drone shell that lets you play these UFO drone toys at home, the office, or the dorm. These tough UFO flying toys will prove to be super fun boys and girls toys. What’s more, these Scoot toy drones feature fast USB charging time. Charge these hand operated drones for adults and kids in less than an hour and get back to flying again and again. The LED Scoot drone takes hand controlled drones to the next level with its newer and more advanced alien technology. Don’t miss out on extraterrestrial fun. Hurry and grab one (or more) today!

Product Features

  • SCOOT DRONE WITH BRIGHT LEDS: Introducing Scoot 2, our new LED hand operated mini drone; these UFO flying toys light up with red, white and blue flashing LEDs
  • EASY TO FLY KIDS DRONE THAT FLIPS: These hand controlled drones use infrared sensors to navigate and perform 360° flips; small drone features a crashproof shell
  • INDOOR HOVER DRONES: Launch these hands free drones indoors by gently tossing them in the air; a ring of LED lights shines as you fly these drones for kids in any room
  • GREAT GIFTS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS: These UFO drone toys are great beginner drones for kids ages 8 and up; drone measures 4.75″ D and includes a USB recharging cable
  • QUALITY ASSURED GIFTS: These cool self flying sensor drones make great Christmas gifts for kids! We’ll provide a full refund if you’re not thrilled with these hand operated drones

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