Simple and flexible: Just throw it in the air and move it around using your hands.
The color and overall appearance is very sharp and cool looking.
The frame is durable, lightweight and flexible so that it doesn’t damage anything or itself.
The ufo toys are very easy to play with and have fun with for all ages.
2 separate modes, regular and high speed. The default boot is medium speed mode. Click the power switch to change the speed. (Green light indicates medium speed mode, blue light means high speed mode.)

Size of the droen: 4.8*2.2in (D*H)
Weight: 1.06 oz
Material: ABS Plastic
Charge time: 40 -50 minutes.
Fly time: around 5-6 minutes.
Charge mode: charging with USB
—You need to do is connect the USB end of the charger into a power source and connect the other end of the cable into the drone. The charging port on the drone is located on the bottom of the drone. The USB charger will turn red to indicate it’s getting power and when its fully charged the light goes out.

How to play
1. Press the “ON/OFF” button and then wait for the indicator to turn green. The indicator light turns green after a few seconds of flashing. (Note: when the toy first arrived it may need to be recharged.)
2. You have to give it a very gentle toss for it to take off.(At the beginning don’t toss it too high so you can have some control)
3. Controls with hand movements. Just wave your hand underneath to make it go up or put your hand along the side to move side to side.
4. Catch it and flip it over to turn it off(press and hold the ON / OFF button about 1-2 seconds).(It won’t hover up there to a point that you can’t reach it because it will surely go back down to the ground so you can catch it.)

Wind and drafts in the outdoors can affect the flight pattern of the mini drone.
Please select a space with less obstacles when using.

Product Features

  • FUN AND EASY TO OPERATE DRONE: This flying toy has sensors on its sides and on the bottom. It will respond to the motion of your hands! Use them to push, spin in the air. If the small drone senses an obstacle below, it will react by rising in the air. Two speed modes and shining & colorful light light can give you a more exciting experience. This was really easy to control that you can fly it with no issues.
  • HAND CONTROLLED-MORE FLEXIBLE: This mini drone is so easy to play with, no remote control, just use your hands. You only have to give it a very gentle toss for it to take off. It’s easy to catch or use your hands to make it change directions. And stop the flying by grabbing the ball and turns it over with your hand.
  • STRONG MATERIAL AND EXQUISITE APPEARANCE: The mini quadcopter is made of flexible plastic and a lightweight framework designed to protect rotors, walls and children’s eyes and skin from damage. It is very durable and flexible with a strong collision resistance. The flashing colors make it even more appealing and entertaining!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: Made from light plastic so you can carry it anywhere. Great and simple drone for beginners. The charging time is relatively quick. You are able to play with it both inside and outside. Kids and adults can use multiple drones at the same time without any problems.
  • GIFTS FOR KIDS: These flying toys are wonderful birthday gifts, stocking stuffers or Christmas gifts for kids. We strongly stands behind each item it designs and sells. Each product we sell has passed a rigorous testing process before landing at your door.

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