Wi-Fi Camera Quadcopter – MJX X101C FPV Drone with Camera Live Video Headless Mode 2.4GHz 4 Chanel 6 Axis Gyro RTF RC Drone, Compatible with 3D VR Headset and Additional Spare Parts

Looking for a safe, easy, and affordable fun time? Tokky MJX X101C FPV Drone with Wi-Fi Camerais the best choice for you.

Sturdy Flying Machine:

Featuring highly anti-collision elastic plastic protective frame, it is a very well built and strong enough to handle more crashes that regular quadcopters. Excellent for beginners and casual flight amateur.


Include advanced barometer to automatically maintain flying altitude. Very simple operation. Once sync, push up the throttle control stick the drone will fly at your desired flying altitude.


Comes with a FPV HD C4018 Camera with Wi-Fi FPV Real Time Transmission. Offering you a wonderful experience to have a sense of the world from your smart device with all new FPV Real Time feature, you can download and install the FPV software to your Smartphone and then enjoy it. Limited by WIFI feature, the distance is about 100 meters, please beware!
It’s also compatible with most action camera: Gopro Hero, SJ4000, SJ5000 after changing the mount (Excluded).

Important Note:

• The quadcopter motors wear naturally the longer you fly it due to the heat generated. Please make sure to cool down the engine and board circuit after 2 or 3 flights to extend their durability.
• The HIGH CAPACITY 1200mAh battery usage time is about 8-10 minutes. We recommend that you prepare an extra battery (include) to avoid running out of power during your fun time.
• The MJX controller defaulting to Mode 4, it tells you what Mode its in on the LCD screen, please check prior to take off avoiding any crashes.

What You Receive :

1 x Tokky MJXX101C Quadcopter
1 x Transmitter (4 x AA batteries NOT INCLUDED)
2 x 7.4V 1200mAh Li-Po Batteries (1 outside,1 equipped)
4 x Protection Frames
1 x Battery Charger
4 x Blades
1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • HEADLESS MODE: Include latest radio control technology allowing automatic location identification when played in headless mode. Easy to get back your drone even if it fly far away from you.
  • ONE-KEY RETURN: With built-in positioning system, the drone can auto locate the remote control. Just press the one-key return button and the drone will fly back to the remote control’s location.
  • THROTTLE ALTITUDE LIMITER: Adjust how high your drone can fly with the altitude limiter settings on the transmitter according to your preferences. Prevent the drone from flying-away, excellent for beginners.
  • 3D FLIP: The latest 6-Axis Gyro flying control system allow majestic aerobatic aerial maneuvers just by pressing a button.Impress your friend even if you are a beginner.
  • What You Get: Tokky MJX X101C FPV Drone with Wi-Fi Camera, Transmitter, (2) Li-Po Batteries, (2) Landing Skids,USB Charging Cable, Battery Charger, (4) Protection Frames, User Manual.

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Holy Stone HS200 FPV RC Drone with HD Wifi Camera Live Feed 2.4GHz 4CH 6-Axis Gyro Quadcopter with Altitude Hold, Gravity Sensor and Headless Mode RTF Helicopter, Color Red

Main Features:
Holy Stone HS200 is equipped with more than 12 features of technology among which the main parts are as below:

FPV: Pairing your RC drone with your iOS or Android smart phone you can stream a live video and/or photo feed while flying!
Altitude Hold Function: When you release the throttle stick, the drone stays hovering at the current height.
APP Control: Control the drone with the App to activate multiple functions such as Gravity SENSOR Mode to complete the flight motions by holding and moving the smart phone accordingly.(Note: hold the phone horizontally)
One Button Take off/Landing: Once the drone is communicated to the remote control, simply press the “One button take-off/Landing” button, the drone will take off automatically; Press the button again, it will slowly land to ground
4 Speed Adjustment: 4 speed modes from low to high suitable for both beginner and expert.
Easy to Charge: Integrated with a USB power charger port on the drone for you to charge the battery without taking it out.
Lighting System: Equipped with LED navigation lights and remote control indicator light for night flight.

Quadcopter Weight: 108g (FAA Registration NOT Required)
Drone Dimensions: 12.6 x 12.6 x 2.6 Inches
Video Recording Modes: 1280 x 720p
Charging time: about 60 mins
Playing time: 7-9 mins
Transmitter Operation Range: about 100-120 meters
Video Transmission Range: about 50 meters

What You Get:
1* HS200W Quadcopter with Camera
1* 2.4GHz Controller
1* Phone Holder
1* USB Charger
4* Spare Propellers
1* 4GB Micro-SD Card
1* Card Reader
1* 3.7V 650mAh LiPo Battery
1* User Manual
1* Screwdriver
4* Screws for drone
4* Screws for blades

Product Features

  • HD FPV CAMERA: First Person View 720P HD REAL TIME Video Camera (2MP, 1280×720 Pixel) enable you to take aerial videos and photos with your iPhone or Android phone device.
  • ALTITUDE HOLD: Powerful air pressure altitude hold function allow you to release the throttle stick and the drone will keep hovering at the current height. Easy for you to shoot quality images or videos.
  • MOBILE CONTROL: Control the drone with a smart phone in the App to activate multiple functions such as Gravity SENSOR Mode which allows the user to control the flight by holding and moving the smart phone accordingly. Operate the camera function and flight on the App interface.
  • HEADLESS MODE AND ONE KEY RETURN HOME FUNCTION: Orientation of the drone in relation to the pilot. Great function when the drone is out of sight. The function is dependent on the direction of the user when he pairs the model;One Key Return Home Function: Avoid the drone being lost, and drive the drone back with the simple click of a button.
  • 2.4G 4CHANEL 6-AXIS GYRO TECHNOLOGY: 2.4G technology makes it possible for several models being played at the same time without interference; 6 AXIS GYRO STABILITY: The multi-axis gyro offers extra stability for easy handling and 360° flips.

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Top Race 4-Channel Micro Mini-Drone Rolling Quadcopter with Wheels, Fly, Roll, and Flip, TR-MQ3

The Top Race TR-MQ3 is the most fun micro Quad Copter, Fly it, Roll it, and Flip it, with its micro size of only 1.6 by 1.6 inches, shape and accuracy you will be amazed. The Top Race TR-MQ3 is very well built, made out of metal and hard durable plastic easy to fly With 3 speed options High speed, Normal speed, and Low speed Modes, for indoor and outdoor use, Controlling distance is About 65 Feet, with the TR-MQ3 you can perform more then just a quadcopter, with its rolling wheels (included) you can roll around on the ground at amazing high speed, can perform Flips 3D stunt flying. This quadcopter is non-headless. Charge time is about 9 min. for a 6-7 min. flight, All included ready to fly, 2.4GHz Built-in Gyroscope, Transmitter, Roller Kit, Prop Guard, USB Charging Cable, Spare blades, Manual. Top Race 60 Day Warranty included with this product. Enjoy Your Flight.

Product Features

  • The TR-MQ3 is the most fun micro mini Drone Quad Copter, Fly it, Roll it, and Flip it
  • Product Size: Only 1.6 in. Long by 1.6 in. Wide, (4 cm by 4 cm) Charge time is about 9 min. for a 5-6 min. Flight.
  • Full Movement: Ascend/Descend, Forward/Backward, Left/Right Rotation, Left/Right Drifting, Hovering. 3D tumbling action, Ground Rolling Drone
  • Extremely Durable with Strong Red and Blue Led Lights, Unique for Indoor and Outdoor Use.
  • All included ready to fly, 2.4GHz Built-in Gyroscope, Transmitter, Roller Kit, Prop Guard USB Charging Cable, Spare Blades, Manual

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