✅1.LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIALS, weight is lighter than a goose feather, using the principle of reference machanics to reduce the weight loss of unmanned aerial vehicles.
✅2.INTELLIGENT PRESSURE SETTING FUNCTION, the height of the air pressure is high, and the height and position can be accurately locked. It is more convenient to shoot from any angle.
✅3.NEW EXPERIENCE IN CLEAR AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY, clear imaging with 1080P and 500Million, let you immerse yourself in the face, feel the amazing picture.
✅4.REAL TIME TRANSMISSION OF REAL FEELINGS, connect the aircraft WIFI to achieve full real-time control of flight and photography without traffic flow.
✅5.ONE KEY RETURN DOES NOT NEED TO BE RE OPERATED, the aircraft is equipped with a key return system, which can be used in flight by pressing the button, it is easy to return automatically.
✅6.STEADY FLIGHT OF SIX AXIS GYROSCOPES, built in six axis gyro flight system to ensure flight time the aircraft can always maintain balance and stability.
✅7.360 DEGREES FLIPPING, four axis aircraft can meet all kinds of aerobatics, such as left and right somersaults, front and black somersaults.
✅8.HEADLESS MODE, in the headless mode, no matter what angle the aircraft is at this time, it will be controlled by remote control standard flight direction.
✅9.COOL LIGHTS AMBILIGHT, the lower end of the four seat of the aircraft is a led lamp and there is no pressure at night.
✅10.THREE ADJUSTABLE, switching different gear can realize vehicle slow-speed gear wanton flying according to the scene.
✅11.APP MOBILE PHONE CONTROL, mobile phone WIFI can pass the hand machine APP control aircraft. WIFI is pure signal transmission hot spot, do not need network, no consumption of mobile phone traffic.

Product Features

  • Telecontrol Six Channel Four Axis Aircraft
  • Wireless Transmission and LED Highlight
  • Crash Worthiness and Altitude Hold
  • Headless Mode and One key rerurn
  • 1080P 500W WiFi HD FPV Camera and 360 Degree Roll Over

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