High-flexibility Blades and Propellers
It owns resistance to fall, security to use, and durability to contort
Minsk rc helicopter has adopted automatic power-off protection system. When the helicopter falls down to ground or collides with other objects, the power will turn off automatically
Do not fly close to animals or faces. Ages 8 and up shall be
perfect. Kids under age of 13 years old shall play with the
supervision from adults
Propeller rotating at high speed, the hands can not touch the propeller position, in order to avoid danger!
Do not turn the helicopter toy upside down, or it may damage the toy.
Emergency Shut-off
If there’s no way to avoid accidence during first flight, Emergency
shut off is a good way to minimise the damage by automatically
shutting down drone’s propellers when it about to crash or run into other things.
Withstand Hard Crashes
High-elasticity blades and propellers can resist the damage ,you
can’t expect your kid to fly his/her drone without a rough landing.
The kids drones are built to withstand bumps and tumbles.
USB Charging
Rechargeable flying helicopter toy, built-in small lithium batteries
and light weight.
While charging it, please close the helicopter, keep it from fire and
Package Includes
1 x RC Helicopter toy
1 x USB charging cable
1 x Box

Product Features

  • Start Your Adventure: Control it with your palm, just put your hands underneath the RC helicopter to control it fly up and down, please remember to hold the toy’s body. Flying a drone just got easier and more amazing than ever!
  • Really Robust Toy:Made of high quality material, the rc helicopter is non-toxic and kid-safe. The RC helicopter shuts itself off if crashes. Play it indoors freely without worries or hurting others.
  • With LED Light: Cool helicopter design and with colorful red-blue flashing LED lights makes the helicopter toy very attractive for kids.Help children develop physical coordination skills through games, help develop children’s intelligence and let kids have a happy experience as a commander.
  • Hovers Above Any Surface: Just enjoy the RC helicopter toy with your lovely kids at home .A great toys not only for your kids. This hover helicopter toy could also help you pass time.
  • Rechargeable Helicopter: Flying time is a significant element since it will hold back your kid’s fun of playing it if the time is too short.Remote control helicopter has a good battery life so kids can play good amount of time about 8-10 minutes for a full 20minutes charges.

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