2.7K angle-adjustable camera The 2.7K Ultra HD camera captures photos and videos with high fidelity. Camera angle is adjustable directly via the controller, which meets diverse requirements for different shooting purposes. Gps Auto return to home you can always check its position from the app, and it returns right back to where it took off from automatically whenever battery is low, signal is lost or you press the return key. 5G Wi-Fi FPV streaming 5GHz Wi-Fi connection ensures high-speed real-time image transmission with zero latency, even when the drone is 1000ft away in the sky. And the voice feature allows audio to be recorded along with the video. Follow Me the drone can follow you at customized distance and with the camera pointed to you. Try recording your jogging or biking, or even party video with this follow Me feature. Point of interest choose a point and set a desired orbit height and radius, you can get an all-round display video of your interested point, or be the center of the world. Custom flight just by tapping on the map to set up multiple key locations, you can have the drone fly straightly following the customized path, releasing your hands and mind. Electronic fence for pilots who are not yet ready for a higher and farther flight, this drone will back you up with an invisible protective fence which limits its flight distance and height, preventing it from out of control. Rechargeable remote no extra AA battery required for the controller. A USB cable is all you need. Charge for 50 minutes and have fun for 10 hours. (Phone holder supports phones with Width within 3 inches.) SD card slot equipped with a micro SD card slot, The drone can take SD cards (fat 32 format) up to 128GB, capable of storing massive high quality pictures and videos.

Product Features

  • 2.7K HD camera drone: with the 110° FOV 90° adjustable 2.7K camera and 5G Wi-Fi transmission, snatpain SP510 drone provides you ultra-vivid and crystal clear photos (3840*2160) and videos (2976*[email protected]) from nearly 1000ft away. Now, start exploring the world From an eagle-eye perspective.
  • Smart GPS positioning + auto return: built-in with GPS system, the drone remembers the HomePointe. Real-time data on flight height, distance and speed are all visible on the app. And it returns automatically whenever battery is low, signal is lost or you press one key return. You will never lose the drone.
  • Numerous features, endless fun: SP510 drone can be a great photography tool. Featuring follow Me mode, point of interest, waypoints and object track, it frees your hands and allows you to focus on creative video contents. You can even add narration while shooting videos. Grab it and film your adventures or happy moments.
  • Easy to learn: it enables you to customize the flight distance limitation in beginners mode, so it won’t fly away before you get the hang of it. Equipped with one-key take off/land/return, auto hover, headless mode and 3 speeds switch, it is super friendly to newbies.
  • Foldable + rechargeable: both the drone and controller are foldable and rechargeable, making the unit Super portable. No extra battery needed for the controller. And the 1500mAh high capacity drone battery offers you up to 16 minutes of flight. Just go and have fun!

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  1. Great GPS drone with great camera This is the best gps drone I ever had. I only flied it for a few times. It can precisely return to where it took off from and it’s very stable. The 2.7k camera works great. I found that it actually took 4K image if you use the app to take photos. In the user manual, it says that the photo resolution is 3840×2160 for mobile device and 2976×1680 for micro SD card. Attention! The beginner mode is defaulted on. You need to turn it off if you want to fly it farther and higher. And if you…

  2. A lot of functions This is the second drone I owned. The first one is a much cheaper toy, with limited features. This one looks really nice, including the packaging, the parts, and the manuals. It’s not a high end product, but much better than the cheap toys. I don’t like read manuals, so I found a video on YouTube with a similar mode sp500. After watch the video we did some quick test on the GPS, return home, and follow me mode. There functions worked very well. It didn’t return to the exact point where it…

  3. Great Drone For Beginners, and Seasoned Pilots. Excellent HD Camera . You will not be disappointed. So what can I say about this drone. Quite a bit actually. I will try to not write a book about it… It’s not going to be easy, because there are a lot of great things that this drone has in it. First off it is a Foldable Drone. So you don’t have to lug around a big drone, and this drone has capabilities of a large drone. It is for beginners. Though if you’re a seasoned pilot you’ll enjoy this too. It takes great pictures and video. Which allows you…

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