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Remote Control Drone RC Drone 720P HD Camera Quadcopter Helicopter with Altitude Hold 2.4GHz 6-Axis Gyro LED Lights Foldable Drones for Kids Beginners

Main Features:
1.Plastic-flamed body, high tenacity, anti-broken, stable in flying; suit for indoor/outdoor flying
2.Built-in 6 Axis gyro, guarantee the precise positioning in the air
3.Modularity designing, easy to assemble and maintain
4.Detachable structure, multi-function, with flp and roll function and flying camera.
Flying Preparation:
1, unscrew the battery compartment cover to open,insert the batteries in the supply terminal.
2, Move the power switch on the bottom of the drone to the”on”position.
3, Move the button to the right to switch on the controller to the “on” position.
4, When the indicator light turns from flicker to constant light, it means the pairing succeeds. Then,push the throttle lever to upward first and downward to the lowest point.The drone now is ready to fly.

Safety Notes:
1.The product contains small parts, please keep out of the reach of kids.
2.The drone has strong power. During the first time use, remember to push the throttle lever slowly in order to avoid collision
3.When you end palying, switch off the power of controller first, then to the power of drone
4.Do not put the battery near the heat or flame
5.When you play the drone, the safety distance betweem the drone and people is 2-3 meters.
6.Kids need to be accompanied by the adults when playing the drone.
7.Do not recharge non-rechargeable batteries. Follow the polarity(+/-) diagram in the battery compartment.
8.Take out the batteries of the controller and the drone when not in use.
9. Do not short-circuit the supply terminal.

Maintenance Notes:
1. Use soft cloth to clear the product.
2.Do not expose it to the sun or near the heat.
3.Do not put the product into the water, as the electronical parts will be damaged.
4.If any damage is found,please stop to use until it is fully repaired.

Product Features

  • EASY OPERATION FOR NEW TO DRONES: this RC drone features the headless mode function, one-key take-off/landing and altitude hold function, which is easy to operate and definitely brings you lots of excitement while flying. It’s great for any level of player.
  • WONDERFUL DRONE WITH HD CAMERA: our drone comes with a 720P FPV HD WI-FI camera, you can capture or record real time and detailed views via your phone, and it’s great for travel, parties, sports and adventures.
  • ALTITUDE HOLD MODE FOR EASY CONTROL: Equipped with an advanced barometer, this drone can perform altitude hold for more stable flight. Beginners can easily get to grips with it and take clear pictures.
  • HEADLESS MODE W LED LIGHTS: it’s easier to control and fly back when this rc drone is out of sight via headless mode, you’ll control it with confidence for a straightforward flying experience, it also has built-in LED lights to make the playing time more exciting especially at night.
  • HEADLESS MODE & SAFE FLIGHT: the Headless mode option can make the FPV drone’s front side the same as the remote control, making it easier to fly to your destination. And with headless mode for easy direction control, you can focus on camera control and more complex shots. High-quality ABS material to free your worries of a sudden shock or drop.

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Mini Drones with Camera – Portable Foldable FPV Drone with Camera for Kids & Beginners, Mini RC Drones w/Gravity Control/Voice Control/Trajectory Flight/AR Game/Altitude Hold/App Control

Do you admire others who owned a mini drone with camera?
Do you want to capture beautiful pictures and take videos from various angles in the air?
Are you looking for a cool and also affordable gift for your kids and friends?

X-PACK 2 Mini Drone with Camera is absolutely your best choice!

Why choose us?

✈Mini drone with 480P camera allows the user to capture unique, scenic shots and film from various angles in the air.
✈RC drone with camera provides you with fantastic FPV (first person view) experiences by easily connecting your smart phones or tablets with mini drone. You can see what the camera sees in real time, which will make you feel like a pilot.
✈Mini drone with camera is a good starter drone for beginners and kids. One key takeoff and landing, altitude holding, headless mode, three-speed modes, app and gravity control, these functions make every flight easy for drone beginners.
✈Not only a mini drone, but an interesting reality drone game experience! by connecting mini drone with an app, mini helicopter can fight other virtual drones in the mobile game while flying under real time circumstances which can be shown on your phone. making you feel like a true fighter pilot!
✈The size of the X-2 mini drone with camera is quite small and can fit in your palm. The mini RC drone with camera is a foldable drone with folding arms. It’s perfectly fit into the controller. This makes kids drone easy to pack up and gives you the freedom to take them with you almost anywhere.

Drone beginners and kids will have amazing and joyful experience flying X-PACK 2 MINI Drone with Camera. What are you waiting for? Have a try!

Product Features

  • ✈MINI DRONE WITH 480P WIFI CAMERA & FVP EXPERIENCES✈A precious experience of enjoying the view in the air by recording wonderful moments from the air with awesome perspective. The 480P camera capture true color and panoramic views. By connecting your phone with the mini drone, the view will be shown directly on your phone, providing you fantastic FPV (first person view) experiences.
  • ✈GRAVITY CONTROL & TRAJECTORY FLIGHT✈A built-in G-sensor is designed to allow controlling the RC drone by adjusting the vertical and horizontal position of your smartphone via the XT GO App. Trajectory Flight function is the newest technology that by drawing a flight course on the touch screen on your smartphone, the mini quadcopter with camera will fly along the path you set and shoot easily.
  • ✈AR GAME MODE & APP VOICE CONTROL✈Our design team has incorporated the very popular AR game into APP, get into AR game page, controlled directly by your mobile, fly and shoot your fictitious enemy. You can control your camera drone hands-free with simple voice commands like “take off”, “landing”, “forward”, “backward”, “left side”, “right side”, enjoy the flight fun.
  • ✈ONE KEY TAKE OFF / LANDING & ALTITUDE HOLD✈One-button take off and landing means that with the simple press of a button your drones with camera will rise to a height or land. On altitude hold mode, you can accurately lock the height and location, stable hover and capture video or photos from any angle shooting, making the experience very easy and convenient.
  • ✈FOLDABLE & PORTABLE DESIGN✈The size of the X-2 mini drone with camera is quite small and can fit in your palm. The mini RC drone with camera is a foldable drone with folding arms. This foldable design makes it possible to fit the mini drone perfectly into the controller. This makes kids drone easy to pack up and gives you the freedom to take them with you almost anywhere.

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Mini Drone for Kids, RC Helicopter Portable Foldable Drone for Beginners RC Quadcopter w/One Key Take Off, Headless Mode, Altitude Hold, 3D Flip, 2.4Ghz 6-Axis Gyro, Great Gifts for Kids – X Pack 2

Mini Drone is a special gift for kids. Few presents are likely to result in as much excitement as a drone. Whoever you give it to will want to open it up and start flying right away. This is true for everyone from kids to adults. ATTOP X-2 Mini Drone is ideal for kids and beginners.

ATTOP X-2 RC quadcopter uses a powerful motor for a smooth yet fast flight. By pressing one key, you can instantly launch the RC drone.

Altitude Hold ensures that lets the flying drone stabilize and suspend in mid-air automatically, even when you let go of the controls. And it promotes stable flight while keeping the altitude locked minimizing the chances of kids and beginners error.

What does headless mean on mini drone? The headless mode means that the front of the kids drone is always the direction that the user is facing, so there is no need to judge which side of the drone is the front.

The 3D flip function of this mini drones for kids means it can flip forwards, backwards, left and right at the touch of a button.

ATTOP X-2 RC Helicopter for kids has 2.4GHz 6-Axis gyroscopic directional stabilizer flight control system, offers excellent balance and a wide bandwidth of 50 meters for better handling.

Charging Guide for Drone
1. Connect the USB cable to the computer or other devices, LED on USB keeps permanently red, means power connected.
2. Connect the drone with USB cable, if USB LED light off, which means in Charging status. Till the LED light is on again, means charging completed.

Quadcopter Weight: 0.95 oz
Drone Dimensions: 2.8 x 1.6 x 1.1 Inches
Charging time: about 30 mins
Flight time: 5-6 mins
Remote Operation Range: about 131-164 ft
Controller Battery: 2 AAA Batteries (Included)

Product Features

  • ✈FOLDABLE & PORTABLE DESIGN✈The size of the X-2 mini drone is quite small and can fit in your palm. The kids drone is a foldable drone with folding arms. This foldable design makes it possible to fit the mini drone into the controller. This makes kids drone easy to pack and gives you the freedom to take them with you almost anywhere. Easy to fly right out of the box.
  • ✈ONE KEY TAKE OFF/LANDING & ALTITUDE HOLD✈Just press one key, you can control the drones for kids to take off or land, don’t worry you have no control experience. This is the best choice of drone for beginners. Altitude hold mode enables the RC drone to maintain a consistent altitude above ground. It can give you an extra feeling of security and safety for your RC helicopter overall.
  • ✈HEADLESS MODE✈When the RC helicopter for kids is in headless mode, direction of the drone is always relative to where pilots face. No matter which way your mini drone is pointing, when you push forward, the drone moves forward. Headless mode offering care-free fly for kids, beginners, newbies, etc. Enable players of any level to fly and operate the drone easily.
  • ✈3D FLIP & LED LIGHTS✈Drones for kids and beginners can be easily flipped with just a push of a button. This RC quadcopter can 360° flip in 4 directions (left, right, forward, backward), not just a simple flip. The head and tail of the drone are equipped with bright LED searchlight to keep track of whilst in the air, so kids can fly the mini RC drone in the dark easily.
  • ✈BETTER STABILITY AND CONTROL✈2.4GHz 6-Axis Gyro System offers excellent balance and a wide bandwidth of 50 meters for better handling. Even beginner can easily control mini drones. Please do not hesitate to contact us right away If you have any problem. We promise that our customer service team would offer a satisfactory solution for you!

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