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Helicopter with Remote Control,Ancho Mini RC Helicopter for Kids Toy Gift USB Charging (Yellow)

The new upgraded version of the remote control helicopter, available in three colors, can be charged with USB data cable, remote control distance of about 15 meters, charging for 20 minutes, flight for about 8 minutes,Battery for remote control: 3 x AA battery (not Included) .

Mini RC Helicopter operation methods and steps:

1. Turn on the aircraft power switch

2. Install the 3xAA batteries (NOT Included,need buy by yourself) in the remote control.

3. Press the remote control power switch (the indicator light flashes)

4. The remote control is aimed at the aircraft, and the remote control accelerator lever is pushed up and pulled back (the indicator light is always on)

5. The left joystick pushes the accelerator throttle upwards, and the right joystick is fine-tuned.

– Control Distance: About 15m Flying Time: About 8 Minutes Charging Time: About 20 Minutes

– Requency: 2.5GHz Channel: 2 Channels

– Easy to Fly

– Great for Beginners

– Battery Type: Lithium Polymer 

– Suitable for indoor flying only.


The battery for remote control:3 x AA battery(NOT Included,need buy by yourself)

Package including

1 x Mini Helicopter  

1 x remote control

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x Instruction Manual

Product Features

  • Control Distance: About 15m Flying Time: About 8 Minutes Charging Time: About 20 Minutes
  • requency: 2.5GHz Channel: 2 Channels
  • Easy to Fly.Great for Beginners
  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
  • Suitable for indoor flying only.

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Cumbor Mini Drones for Kids and Beginners, RC Helicopter Quadcopter with Auto Hovering, Headless Mode, Extra Batteries, LEDs and Remote Control

Cumbor Toys – A World to Explore and Discover 1.Propeller Protection Thanks to the sturdy bumpers around each propeller it is able to take hits from walls, dogs, and other people without getting knocked out of the sky. Your kids can also be protected from hurting by the spinning controllers when playing with it. 2.Charging Protection There are 3 batteries in the package so that you can always have one ready to go after you use up the first one. Meanwhile, the Lithium battery is equipped with charging protection that enables automatic power-off when the battery is fully charged. 3.Portable but Fully Functional This mini drone is only the size of a hand but it is fully functional and has a variety of ways to play. If you are a beginner who wants to learn how to fly a drone, this is your best choice. No complicated explanations needed. We provide detailed graphic instructions which will help you to be a quick learner. PACKAGE INCLUDES: Quad Copter x 1 Transmitter x 1 USB Charging Cable x 2 Spare Blades x 4 Screwdriver x 1 Lithium-ion Batteries x 3 1.5V AAA Batteries x 3 Instruction Manual x 1 Important Tips 1. INDOOR USE ONLY! 2. Read the manual carefully and follow its instruction before you use this toy. 3. If any problem occurs during use, operation, or repair, please reach us for assistance. 4. The mini drone uses 1 lithium-ion battery (includes 3) and the remote control uses 3 AAA batteries (includes 3). The charging time is about 50 min. 5. The drone has different speed modes. If you are new to flying a drone, please use the slower speed, so you can keep it under control.

Product Features

  • 【Bring Your Pilot Dream to Life】 A drone designed for beginners and children alike, could not be better as a birthday or Christmas present. Both the drone and the controller are compact enough to easily carry. There are three-speed levels to adjust according to your preference and one-key take-off/landing mechanism makes it quite easy to operate, even for kids with little flying technique.
  • 【Long and Stable Flight】 Made of durable materials, the drone is stable in flight with minimal risk of crashing. A full charge can enable 6-8 minutes of flight. There are also two extra lithium batteries for emergency use and longer flying time. The LED lights will flash to alert you when the battery is low.
  • 【Headless Mode】 When the headless mode is turned on, the drone will fly in compliance with the direction of the remote. This means you don’t need to decide which direction to go by constantly monitoring the direction of the head, allowing you to focus on experiencing the fun of flying with less risk of crashing.
  • 【3D Flips & Altitude Holding】Show off your eye-catching flying skills to your friends! With the push of one button, the drone can do 3D flips up and down. The new 360-degree rotary flight feature gives you a feeling of dancing in the sky. The altitude holding is also a great feature for first-time fliers, perfect for younger kids and adults who are kids at heart. Once it is flying at the level you want, you don’t have to constantly adjust the joystick to keep it at that level.
  • 【2 Years Warranty】 We provide a 2 year warranty and lifetime after-sales service for our products, so you can enjoy risk-free shopping. Any defective item can be replaced with a new one, for free.

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Flying Toys | Mini Infrared Flying Robot for Indoor | Robot Remote Control Helicopter | Rechargeable RC Helicopter | Flying Toys for Kids | Infrared Induction Drone Helicopter Flying Robot

Flying toys for kids

Our flying toys for kids are safe to play with, and they will last a long time since they are well made.

Now kids can enjoy the fun of playing with remote flying helicopter toys, and they can enjoy super cute designs like this mini infrared flying robot!

Our flying unicorn and other flying toys for kids are fun to play with and simple to maintain – meaning more fun for everyone!


Ready to Fly

When your mini infrared flying robot unicorn drone arrives in the mail, it will already be ready to fly!

The coaxial rotor blades on this remote control helicopter spin in different directions.

This design feature allows your drone helicopter to remain balanced as it flies through the air.


Product Features:

– Made from quality ABS plastic

– USB charging is simple

– LED light

– Short charge time (30 minutes)

– Mini infrared flying robot can fly 15 feet

– Palm sensing technology for infrared powered flight

– Flying toys flight will be balanced due to superior rotors


How To Use:

1. Fully charge the battery in USB charging port

2. Remove USB cable from the mini infrared flying robot and push the power button

3. The propellers of the remote flying helicopter will begin to spin after a few seconds

4. Hold your flying unicorn drone helicopter upright and then release from your hand

5. Operate your unicorn drone with the remote control

Package Contains:

  • One mini infrared flying robot
  • One USB charging cable
  • One remote control to fly your rechargeable RC helicopter 

Get your mini infrared flying robot remote flying helicopter today, so that you and your children can play with it soon!

Product Features

  • Simple and Cool Toy – Children who are 13 and older will have a great time playing with our remote flying helicopter. Even adults can have fun with the mini infrared flying robot! Our robot drone and other flying toys for kids charge quickly so play time can begin. Once ready, the rechargeable RC helicopter can stay airborne for up to 5 minutes, and our flying toys can fly up to 15 feet!
  • Fun Flying Toys for Kids – Our remote flying helicopter toys are unique and fun, with options like a flying unicorn and this mini infrared flying robot. Our rechargeable RC helicopter toys are not like everyone else’s. Give your kids something special when you choose a drone helicopter from us!
  • Easy to Control- Our mini infrared flying robot is like some of our other flying toys for kids. It operates with a remote control, but also by sensing the heat in your hand. Our flying unicorn rechargeable RC helicopter does this, too! Simply hold your hand beneath the flying toys and the infrared induction will
  • Safety Considerations – Playtime is not only fun, but also safe when your children are playing with our flying toys for kids. Our mini infrared flying robot can sense if there are obstructions or objects around, and it will power off if it comes into contact with something. The remote control helicopter will also shut off if the propellers get stuck.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – Our rechargeable RC helicopter is sure to please your children. The mini infrared flying robot is made from high quality ABS plastic and is strong and durable. This is a fantastic remote flying helicopter for your young teens to start with so they can work their way up to other drone helicopter toys.

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