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Hand Operated Drones for Kids or Adults – Scoot Hands Free Mini Drone Helicopter, Easy Indoor Small Orb Flying Ball Drone Toys for Boys or Girls (Gold)

Scoot Drone hand operated drone with Quick Charge USB Mini Quadcopter Drone Charging Cable

Scoot drone hands-free auto drone flying toys for boys is more than a mini drone quadcopter; he’s an interactive flying toy for multiplayer games Scoot drone will fly like no other drones for beginners – coolest motion sensor drone on the market.

A HIGH-TECH DRONE WITH NO REMOTE! hand drones for kids ages 4 year old and up, but anyone can fly Scoot Drone. UFO drone moves like a flying ball drone!

Scoot drone is a mini drones for kids auto hover drone. Fly your mini quadcopter drone by putting your hand near him. He is a motion sensor drone

FULL CHARGE UNDER 1 HOUR. Charge your mini drone with the USB drone charger; faster than many micro drone models.

3 INFRARED SENSORS GUIDE SCOOT DRONE. This mini quadcopter drones are hand controlled drones for kids; a great beginner drone for kids or adults.

FLEXIBLE DRONE SHELL DESIGN. Scoot is a hover drone flying toy; durable mini drones for kids.

SAFE MINI INDOOR DRONE. Scoot is fun to fly as a hand operated drone; he’s lighter than other small drones or mini drones for beginners.

CALIBRATE SCOOT FOR BEST MINI DRONE FLIGHT. Scoot drones are easy to operate flying toys for boys unlike a remote control helicopter.

TAKE SCOOT ANYWHERE! Scoot puts other pocket drones to shame. Even if he is a bit bigger than a typical mini pocket drone, he’s very light and can be charged easily using a USB port.

Scoot Hands-Free Auto Drone
USB Charging Cable
Mini screwdriver
User Manual

Product Features

  • HIGH-TECH HAND OPERATED DRONE WITH NO REMOTE FOR EASY, HANDS FREE FUN: Anyone can fly Scoot – the best hand controlled drone for kids, tweens teens, grownups and everyone in between; Easy mini drone toys for boys or girls ages 4-5 years old and up w/ 1-Key Take Off/Landing and Altitude Hold
  • THIS GRAVITY DEFYING FLYING BALL KIDS DRONE IS AN EXCITING GROUP PARTY GAME: Charge your hand drones for kids in under an hour w/ the included USB cable; Play multiplayer games with these epic flying orb drone toys for boys and girls
  • FUTURISTIC HOVER BALL THAT MAKES THE PERFECT GIFTS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS OF ALL AGES: Scoot hand controlled drones for kids use high-tech infrared motion sensors to detect obstacles; These kids drones for beginners are definitely 2019’s top boy toys, girl toys and all around best kids drone
  • TAKE YOUR SMALL SCOOT DRONE FLYING TOYS ANYWHERE: This cool flying ball drone is a gravity defying hover drone perfect for any room, office or dorm and teen boy gifts; These indoor drones for beginners make awesome travel toys, kids gifts and fun birthday party activities
  • PERFECT MINI DRONES for KIDS, TEENS and ADULTS with ASSURED QUALITY: Have a hoot with Scoot, one of the hottest toys for boys and girls; We’ll provide a full refund if you’re not thrilled with our hand operated drone flying toys for boys and girls

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Samate Drones for Kids or Adults – Scoot Hands Free Mini Hand Controlled Flying Ball Drone Helicopter, Easy Indoor Small Orb Drone Toys for Boys or Girls,with Remote Control. (Gilding Blue)

How to play this drone?

Remote control usage instructions:
1.Aim at the UFO when using the remote control
2.Press the flying saucer to take off,land twice in a row
3.The landing process is slow landing

About Flight:
Press the remote control UFO to take off. Or When the aircraft is been turned on,hold the aircraft in hand and extend forward,then release your hand the aircraft will take off automatically.
Aircraft will fly up a distance and hover in the air.If you don’t perform operation for 1 to 2 seconds,the aircraft will descend to a certain height and hover again.

About flight interaction:
Approach the bottom of the aircraft with a hand oran object,the aircraft will ascend to a certain distance and then hover again.
When hand or object approach the aircraft,it moves to the opposite direction.
The aircraft’s normal operation will be affected if it encounters strong light,black objects and glass.

Flight calibration:
When the flight anomaly needs to be calibrated.Turn over the bottom of the aircraft and then double-click the power switch.
The indicator light of the aircraft to turn red,blue and green-3 colors flashing alternately,that means it already under the calibrating mode.
Keep the aircraft in a balanced position,the LED light will be on after the calibration completed.

If for any reason you are unhappy with any product by Samate, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We take full ownership and responsibility for the quality of our products and will do our very best to solve your problem effectively and efficiently!

Product Features

  • UFO Shape and Gesture Controlled Flying Toy: You can control the UFO to take off by remote control,or throw the flying ball toy out gently, it can start to fly immediatedly. The most suprising feature is that it can fly in the opposite direction when your hands are close to it.
  • Rechargeable Battery and Shining LED Light Indicator: The mini flying drone has a built-in and rechargeable Lithium battery that only needs 40 minutes to charge fully. It also has 2 speed models, green light for normal speed and blue light for fast speed.
  • Strong and Special Aircraft Body: This UFO flying toys is made of non-toxic and high grade ABS material which is lightweight, flexible and collision resistance. The bouncy material design can resist damage when it falls. And the flying aircraft can also move away intelligently when it detects solid objects.
  • Package includes:UFO ,Remote control,Charger cable.
  • Samate Guarantee:30 Days Back Money Guarantee – 12 Months Warranty,any question you are welcome to email us.

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zegoal Hand Controlled Drones Scoot for Kids or Adults Hand Free Mini Flying Ball Drones Toys Indoor Infrared Induction Flying Ball for Boys and Girls (Blue)


In advance, find a place with less obstacles to avoid damaging things.

1. Press the black ON/OFF. Then, balance it on your hand for two seconds until the top light is flashing. (Make sure the drone is flat.)

2. Throw it upward gently and release your hand, and the mini quad-copter will take off automatically.

3. Control the direction just by putting your hand close to the aircraft.

4. Control the height just by approaching the bottom of the aircraft with your hand.

5. Grab and flip it over to stop flying.

6. The battery is low voltage when the red indicator light blinks. The UFO aircraft will land automatically.


Color: Blue or Gold

Material:ABS Plastic

Net weight: 1.2 oz

Dimensions:4.8 x 4.8 x 2.1 in (H x W)

Battery:Rechargeable 3.7V Lithium Battery

Flight Time: Approx. 5-8 minutes.

Sensing distance: 10 meters

Suitable for: 8+

Package Included:

1x Flying Drone Toys

1x USB Charging Cable

1x English User Manual

Product Features

  • Hand controlled drones for kids,use high-tech infrared motion sensors to detect obstacles, inductive suspension, and collision protection. Use your hands to control it in the air for interactive play.
  • Balance it in your hand for 2 seconds. Then, you gently throw the ball in the air, and it can start to fly immediately. To stop, grab the ball to flip, and it will stop flying. Perfect for any room, office, or dorm.
  • This cool flying drone is a gravity defying hover drone. Amazing feature is that the ball can fly in the opposite direction when your hands are close to it as built-in gyroscope can control accuracy and sensitivity to make balance.
  • You can know the battery is beginning to run out by the red light in the middle blinking. You only need to connect it on a USB connector for 30 minutes to fully charge. Available for 5-8 minutes flying.
  • High quality non-toxic ABS material. Protects children’s eyes and skin from damage. That is safe, interactive and easy to play for children. Take the Scoot anywhere, fun gifts for boys and girls. (UFO interactive flying aircraft)

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