Welcome to the world of drones! This book will show you everything you could ever want to know about buying and flying your first drones. From getting to grips with the jargon you’ll need to speak to other flyers, to how you can design and build your own drone with advanced features like live video feedback and programmable autopilot. You’ll even learn how to read a sectional chart (that’s a pilot’s map-see, you’re learning already!)

This book is your gateway to the fun (and the learning) that awaits, and it’ll keep you safe in the skies too.

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  • Wellfleet Press

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  1. Good Guide if You’re Brand New to Drones Quick Overview:Pros- Informative if you are new to drones. A lot of diagrams and pictures. A lot of basic info that can honestly just be found online, but it’s conveniently all in this guide.Cons- All of this info can be found on the internet. If you have even a little experience with drones, there is really not much here.This is a good guide if you’re brand new to the world of drones/quadcopters. If you…

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